2018 World Cup Series - Registration for Individual Rounds

In accordance with the 2018 WC Qualification System, 5.0 Entries for Individual Rounds.

Any Helm who has not paid for a 2018 Series invitation, that wishes to compete any of the following: Gamagori 2017, Miami 2018 or Hyeres 2018 must request an invitation using the form below.

Invitations will be emailed at 12:00 UTC on the following dates, to top ranked sailors who requested a place, based on their rank at that time:

  • WC Series Round 1 - Gamagori: Invitations were issue from 3 JULY 2017
  • WC Series Round 2 - Miami: Invitations were issued from 2 OCTOBER 2017
  • WC Series Round 3 - Hyeres: Invitation will be sent on 5 FEBRUARY 2018

If you have any questions, please contact registration@sailing.org